Thursday, November 17, 2016

Should phone be allowed in school?

“Pss, let me use your phone to get the answer to this question.” Are now commun words for many grades in a high school,so obviously it should not be allowed to bring phones to school.Some parents say that they want their children to have phones on them because they would like their children to call them if there is an emergency but we can just call from the office of the school!Kids spend a lot of time on their phones at home and that is bad for their eyes so atleast they can get an 8 hour break for their eyes. Phones are very small so they are very easy to hide and use to cheat on tests, If kids did not have phones, they would have to get up, get a laptop, and by that time the teacher will see them trying to cheat, Tests are used to see what the kids know not what the phone knows. So now you know, with only 3 examples it is obvious that kids should not be bringing phones to school.

In school we are learning about opinion writing and today we read an article about if phones should be allowed in school and i think that phone should not be allowed because usually high schools provide with the technology that you would need for educational purposes

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